Kobo, Lesotho, 2013

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© Joël Tettamanti

The portraits of Joël Tettamanti’s study entitled “Kobo, Lesotho” focus on the covers (kobo) worn by the Basotho people, the majority community of Lesotho (independent kingdom and enclave within South Africa). Much more than a simple protection, these covers serve also as gifts during key rituals. They are thus social markers. This distinctive trait of the community introduced by the colonisers during the 19th century, in exchange of animal skins, is now disappearing. In 2013 Tettamanti decided therefore to document them. As a likely result of globalisation, what was once a national dress is now worn only in rural and mountainous areas, and it will soon pass into folklore. (HJC)


headphone Interview Joël Tettamanti

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headphone Joël Tettamanti by Andrea Rohner

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Joël Tettamanti (1977, Cameroun) vit et travaille à Lausanne. En 2001, il devient titulaire d’un diplôme de l’Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) en graphisme et photographie. Ses expositions importantes : Kurtz Gallery for photography MIT Museum, USA, 2013 ; Fotostiftung Schweiz, Winthertur et L’Elac, Lausanne, 2009 ; Art Basel, 2007 ; Villa Noailles, 2004. Il a été désigné en 2015 parmi les lauréats des Swiss Design Awards. Plusieurs livres et monographies ont été publiés sur ses travaux et il travaille régulièrement pour des magazines locaux et internationaux.