Options for Walls, 2013 – ongoing

agrandir l'image

© Maia Gusberti

“Options for Walls” is an appropriation of space using photographic image. A photo of a wall (Exhibition “Transform”, 2013) was enlarged to the same size as the very surface that appears in the photograph, and was then mounted on that same surface as a series of black-and-white A4 laserprints. The displayed image is thus a copy and a documentation of itself. Transported from its original setting into a new exhibition space, the wall, considered now as an installation, is in its new institutional context. At each location, it is photographed again, and the new picture is again mounted on the wooden surface, which is transported to yet another new location. Each time it is placed in a new setting, the image becomes more complex, bringing with it its own exhibition history. (MG)


headphone Interview Maia Gusberti

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headphone Maia Gusberti by Andrea Rohner 1

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Maia Gusberti (1971, Schweiz) lebt und arbeitet in Bern und Wien. Vorkurs & Grafikfachklasse SfGB Biel, Studium Medien und Kunst an der Universität für angewandte Kunst, Wien. Residencies in Brüssel, Kairo, Amman, Ramallah, Rom, Paris, Sofia (BMUKK / Pro Helvetia etc.). Aeschlimann Corti Preis 2010, Werkbeitrag 2012 & Förderpreis 2011 Fotografie des Kantons Bern. Sie ist Mitinitiatorin von Das Lehrerzimmer, Raum für Bücher, Kunst und Küche im PROGR in Bern.