Hong Kong – les habitants des toits, 2012 – 2014

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© Pierre Montavon

Hong Kong occupies a very small territory and is one of most densely populated and expensive cities in the world. It is estimated that during the fifties and sixties, fifteen thousand people who could no longer find housing took up residence on rooftops, creating new community spaces. These illegal but long-tolerated “shantytowns of the rooftops” have for several years been the target of an eradication campaign by the city, mainly because of the high number of accidents that occur there. Today, the majority of the former rooftop dwellers have been relocated to new districts that are several kilometres away from the city centre. To qualify for this kind of social housing, claimants have to be able to prove that they have lived on a rooftop for at least seven years. (PM)


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Pierre Montavon (1970, Suisse) vit et travaille à Delémont. Après l’obtention de son CFC de photographe en 1990, il suit une formation de cameraman et travaille pour la télévision suisse. Il mène conjointement les deux activités jusqu’en 1998. Sélection d’expositions : Fondation suisse pour la photographie, Zurich et Kunsthaus, Bregenz en 2000 ; Coalmine Fotogalerie, Winterthour en 2007 et Exposition internationale de l’eau, Saragosse en 2008.