Neuseenland, 2014

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© Sabrina Gruhne

“Neuseenland” is a topographic study that shows the evolution of a region in Eastern Germany where one of the biggest landscape changes is currently happening in Europe. Coal mining had been the most important economy sector in the GDR. In the area around Leipzig, two big districts are still exploited continuously while the inactive mines have been flooded in the past years with the aim to market them as local recreation areas. The temporal and physical distance to my home region allowed me to go back there with a different perspective and to rediscover this unique piece of land in transition. (SG)


headphone Interview Sabrina Gruhne

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Sabrina Gruhne (1984, Allemagne) vit et travaille à Berne. Après avoir assisté divers photographes zurichois, elle devient titulaire, en 2014, d’un Bachelor en Communication visuelle de l’Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL). Son travail porte sur l’architecture et l’altération du paysage par l’homme.