espace libre with Google Reverse Image Search, 2015

agrandir l'image

© Tamara Janes

I am fascinated by the diversity and variety that can be found in online repositories of “alternative” images. Google and Instagram, as well as auction sites like Ricardo and eBay, represent an almost inexhaustible source for my work. By recontextualizing the online flood of digital images, my work gives rise to exciting new perspectives and visual commentaries. Using Google’s Reverse Image Search tool, I produce spatial portraits in which my own original images enter into a dialogue with related images from Google. In this way, I make use of the system’s blindness to content, which continually produces surprising and unusual results. The participatory algorithm on display also raises the question: How relevant are works of photography in the post-photography era? (TJ)

This exhibit has been created especially for the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography.



headphone Interview Tamara Janes

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headphone Tamara Janes by Thomas Flahaut

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Tamara Janes (1980, Schweiz) lebt und arbeitet in Bern. Sie studierte Fotografie in Zürich (Bachelor Diplom mit Auszeichnung: Zürcher Hochschule des Künste, ZHdK, 2011–2014) und New York (Austauschsemester an der School of Visual Arts). Ihre Raumporträts, die sie mit digitaler Bildersuche verfremdet, stellte sie unter anderem an der Jungkunst Winterthur 2014 und Plat(t)form Winterthur 2015 aus. Für ihre assoziative Traumdeutungsserie gewann sie den letztjährigen vfg-Nachwuchsförderpreis.