Inventio, 2013

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The exotic, the foreign, the unexplored: aesthetic strategies to create a parallel between the nineteenth century and today, driven by a desire to address a situation of the present as the direct result of the past. Starting from elements that centre on my own life, I come to the much more global notion of neocolonialism. I start from my personal history, but move towards the global problem of power relations between the north and south and to a reflection on capitalism. My day-to-day life is governed by a multitude of transactions, exchanges, and connections at a planetary level. I would not be who I am without the phenomenon of globalization. (YH)


headphone Interview Yann Haeberlin

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headphone Yann Haeberlin by Jennifer König

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headphone Yann Haeberlin by Gaia Grandin

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Yann Haeberlin (1982, Suisse) vit et travaille à Genève. Titulaire d’un Bachelor en ethnologie de l’Université de Neuchâtel, il poursuit ses études en photographie et suit une formation professionnelle à l’École supérieur d’arts appliqués du Centre d’enseignement professionnel de Vevey (CEPV). Il obtient son diplôme en 2013.